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I’m done with comic project !!!!! ; O ; So to celebrate, a little skecth of my OC Sven. I need to train with my tablet. It’s been a long time I didn’t use it…. >///<

The big BD project of doom… I’m dying ; w ; I don’t think I’ll finish it in time honestly….


Je note pour l’été prochain ♥

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Tumblr Dashboard Image Sizes:

  • Photo post: 500 by 750 pixels for dashboard view; 1280 by 1920 pixels for high-res version (except for superwide panoramas).
  • Photoset: 500-pixel width for one image in a photoset row. 245-pixel width for two images in a photoset row. 160-pixel width for three images in a photoset row. Gutters are 10 pixels.
  • Audio Post: 169 by 169 pixels for album art.
  • Link Post: 130 by 130 pixels for the thumbnail image grabbed by Tumblr from web link (if available).
  • Text Post: 125-pixel width for images added to a text post, which expand when clicked.
  • Avatar: 64-by-64-pixel icon next to posts.

Omg reblogging this cuz I always forget


Stamp Marufu by MoonDeL

A stamp dedicated to the great Marufu !

The first DA stamp for me in my Life….; A ; That lovely girl is an Angel

A lineart commish that a fan of Aagrahad asked me the last convention… * w *
It´s so wonderful to have people who loves yours OCs and yours stories… ; w ;
A lineart like this should cost much more, but I want to thank her for loving my character…. * w *

(A sketch to show that I’m not totally dead = w =)

This skecth is special because, I did it with Sai ! * w * And Sai is a very interesting software. 

I’ve the feeling that colors on Photoshop and Sai are differents. I mean: with Sai, colors are more bright than in Photoshop…. : /

I’ll do another test… 


@zephyrhante: Owww thank youuuuu <3 ;// w //;

Japan expo si over and I’m trying to recup before working hard on an another comic for the August
In the meantime, I’m working on a new project I want to publish. This is m’y new OC Alwyn. I didn’t find the story yet, so I took the day to thinking about it….

@rero-pumpkin, linelana: Merciiiii * 3 *


Finally, the results of the contest >_< !!
Winners, please wait, I’m going to contact you on Tumblr!

I will do another giveaway mid-July for the opening of the international preorder =) !! Since this one is mainly for the people coming to Japan Expo, I decided to give a 2nd book to the first french person of the result list >_<




Chen Wei





The Workaholic Pedestal

We freelancers have a tendency to never truly be away from our work, regardless of the time or day of the week.  Especially if like me, your work station is in your home.  We work long hours and dedicate ourselves fully to whatever project we have at hand.  We loose sleep, skip social gatherings, eat whatever is quick and easy so we can get back to work. I have noticed that there is a sense of pride in general among freelancers that we are so in love with our work that we can dedicate ourselves this way.  Passion for your chosen profession is definitely a plus!

However, I have also observed a downside to this part of freelancing.  That dedication can cross the line into an unhealthy workaholic lifestyle, and other freelancers actually encourage it.  There is an underlying unspoken rule in freelancer culture that if you’re not working, you’re slacking.  I’ve seen other freelancers take subtle stabs at their peers for taking time off to see family, to tend to daily life, or to just have a day (or three) to simply BREATHE and do something other than art. Doing things like comparing your work load with others’ work load, making yourself out to be the harder working one.  Referring to things like showering, cooking, and cleaning as “free time” or “vacation”.  It creates or adds to guilt surrounding work, which is really not a nice thing to do to your friends and peers. 

The disclaimer here is that clearly not every freelancer does this, and I think those that do are not being purposefully malicious, so please don’t misread this as an attack.  I’m guilty of playing into this myself, we are just falling into a part of the starving artist stereotype;  The idea that your chosen craft/art must encompass ALL of your being, every day and every moment for you to truly be passionate about it. 

The truth is, there IS life outside of art and work, and it’s not a contest. We are living beings that must eat and sleep, and we are social animals that must have a connection with others.  So not only do we HAVE to do things other than art, but it’s also ok to spend time doing other things that make you happy.  It doesn’t mean you are less passionate about your work, or that other artists who spend more time on theirs love it more.

And yes, there are deadlines we must work under.  But none of us want to be starving artists. None of us enjoy loosing sleep, eating crappy or skipping meals, working our fingers to the bone, letting friendships fall apart…  These are not good things.  You aren’t a cooler or more a passionate artist for making those sacrifices.  So I think instead of putting that lifestyle on a pedestal, we should be encouraging one another to take time to care for ourselves, and to have a life outside of their work. Just like anyone else doing any other kind of work.  =)

YES. Thank you. It makes me really uncomfortable when I hear professionals saying things like “if you are not drawing 24/7 you’ll never make it”, implying that having outside interests or taking care of yourself means you will fail. You undoubtedly need to be dedicated and focused to succeed as a freelancer, but what is the point of having the so-called freedom that freelancing is supposed to provide you if you can’t even leave your desk every once in a while? Exercise, get outside, socialize, have other hobbies. I’ve found I’m more productive and happier and healthier and more passionate about my work and my career when I take time off, every day, to get away from work for a little while. Building a career is important and rewarding, but your life is not comprised solely of the amount of work you are able do. Your life is not defined solely by how many hours you clock at your work desk. 

This mindset is rampant throughout college and even in the professional studio environments too. It’s so sad, I’ve fallen Ill because of it and still have a hard time breaking away. I see many of my peers ruining their bodies and minds too to live up to an ideal of working 24/7.

It feels really relieving to see I’m not alone in this. The guilt of not always feeling inspired. The frenzy of not wanting to let anyone down (especially yourself) can completely break you down. I’ve been beyond fortunate to have some of the most understanding and compassionate bosses ever, so the idea of the letting them is crushing. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned since I started freelancing is to take time for yourself when you need it. Not “when I’m done with this project in 2 months I’ll relax.” Take care of yourselves artist friends. <3

THE POST OF MY LIFE !!!!!!!! * *


Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry

Iconic Canadian-American architect and artist Frank Gehry created a gorgeous sculptural series of fish lamps using jagged scales of ColorCore formica mounted on wireframes.

“After accidentally shattering a piece of ColorCore while working on a commission for Formica, he decided to use the broken shards as fish scales by glueing them onto wire armatures.”


Selected by Andrew

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To celebrate the release of my artbook, I’m opening a little contest to win a book =D !!
It will be signed and with a little drawing of whatever you want.
You can participate even if you’re overseas, I will cover the shipping costs by myself .

I’m doing a preorder for Japan Expo, if you win but have preordered the book, you can be refund =)

The book will be sent in July after Japan Expo.


Reblog, my only way to get an artbook this year ;  ; (…can’t buy any doujin any artbook this year,…. That’s so painful…;  ; )

Poor people stay poor because they do arts degrees.

Sophomore Engineering Student (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

Poor people stay poor because other artists have allowed the industry to degrade to a level that people drastically undervalue art. In graphic arts, an independent artist typically makes below minimum wage. So many people take advantage of starting out and struggling artists, that they offer “exposure” as compensation. Or a hideously low rate. I have had people offer to pay me just $5/page for color work. And they saw nothing wrong with this offer. This is for something that I typically spend 4-6 hours per page on. And there are artists out there so desperate for ANY money, they will accept those offers. And thus perpetuate the idea that this is okay.

No, poor people aren’t poor because they take art degrees. They’re poor because there are entitled assholes who take advantage of them so they can turn a bigger profit.

Art is everywhere. Try to imagine a world without it. Without graphics. Without font design. Without logos. Everything done in the same, bland typefaces, with no images and no sense of color. Artists are more than people who sit and make pretty pictures. They are what gives companies an image, an identity. So why are they treated like the lowest possible rank?

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